Sunday, March 13, 2011

14 Killed in New York City Reisbus Accident (Video)

HAWTHORNE, N Y. – Researchers tried fixed to put or criminal offence till the fast collision of a reisbus led that on Highway 95 toppled over then the of a sudden casino trip returned, that in a rod slams that almost its roof and kill of 14 passengers shaved.

Check studies a reisbusbotsing, that 14 passengers in route of Connecticut to Chinezenbuurt Saturday tomorrow killed says, that they the driver of a tractor following vehicle identified that the collisions can have contributed.

The driver, that survived, told he check lost tried control meanwhile to avoid a swerving tractor following vehicle. Police began not has stopped a hunt for the truck, that after the collision, Checks New York Commissioner Raymond that Kelly said. It was unclear or made the two vehicles contact, said he.

The bus turned asked happened of the Mohegon Zoncasino in Connecticut back then the collision in Saturday. The driver told check lost tried he control to avoid a swerving tractor-following vehicle.

The bus slipped shaved created in a support rod for a large exit stab, that the top of the vehicle and a scene of slaughter on the New England Thruway in the Bronx.

The truck has not stopped after the collision.