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Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham Highlights Video

Full Match Highlights And Summary.

In the First Federation fit by which we will have Chelsea that Tottenham Hotspurs in the Federation put on 30 Saturday April 2011 and you an always melody in here will receive the direct revise to get just as set result and High Points that here swift after the set will be placed.
Chelsea will be looking to remain in touch with Manchester United before the vital clash next weekend by collecting all three points when they welcome Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

Tottenham Hotspur have been in the Premier League since its inception and have lit the competition up with their flamboyant style of play. With Jurgen Klinsmann and Ilie Dumitrescu, the team was built around goals, but points were harder to come by

Match Result and Goals Video
[ Chelsea 1-1 Tottenham ]
19' [0 - 1] R.G.C. Sandro
45' [1 - 1] F. Lampard

Reggie Bush On Saints Drafting Mark Ingram: 'It's Been Fun New Orleans'

One New Orleans Saints player doesn't seem to be happy with his team's draft selection in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

After the Saints traded their way into the opening round and picked Alabama running back Mark Ingram, Reggie Bush tweeted, "It's been fun New Orleans."
"Congrats to Mark Ingram on being selected to New Orleans," he tweeted a few hours after his farewell message. "He will be a great addition to the Saints backfield just as he was in Alabama."

It's been a stretch of high-profile endings for Bush - there was the split with Kim Kardashian, the stripping of his Heisman and now the breakup with New Orleans.
After running back Mark Ingram has been prepared by New Orleans in the first round of the NFL draft, he burst into

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Friday, April 29, 2011

UFC Fight 129 Between St. Pierre vs. Shields On Apr.30,2011

The master is generally as one of the uppermost pounds-for-pound of fighter in the MMA world observed.

Each once in a while in the battle game, receive a thoroughly time measured intersection by profession, that leads to the two best meeting at its best.

This article is will be premature, in consideration this welterweight championship battle no reality until 30 April 2011.

Many masters will become towards the top the hill and it rotten. Unfortunately for Jake signs, St Pierre is not that fellow.

UFC president white Dana battle between George st. takes apart the UFC Welterweight title. Pierre and Jake signs leading for appearance of UFC 129' s in Toronto.

Prince William Arrives at Royal Wedding Here

Prince William and Kate Middleton have released the official program for their wedding. The future King of England and the comely commoner who captured his royal heart prepared to tie the knot Friday while the British Empire. here else would you want to be in the world?" the 31-year-old medical student cried. "I love the whole historical scene, the happily-ever-after romance." When your extended wedding guest list includes over two billion people from around the world, there can be no dispute over your celebrity status

David Beckham, Elton John and Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson will mingle with dozens of royal guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, according to an official guest list released Saturday that includes one uncomfortable presence – the Bahraini crown prince accused of a brutal crackdown on protesters.

British royal family and royal wedding have been making news ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding dates were declared. Speculations have been rife about every little aspect of the wedding, right from the wedding gown of the bride to the celebrity presence at the royal party. Now finally, few days ahead of grand Friday wedding, official guest list and seating plan has been declared.
Although about 1,900 guests have been invited to the couple's wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, half of them will sit in the section of the abbey where views of the altar are restricted, and they will have to rely upon video screens to follow the service

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patrik Sjoberg, Olympic Silver Medaillewinnaar, Says that Trainer Him Molested

Former high leap world champion Patrik Sjoberg of Sweden and two other athletes say that they sexual as children through prominent wegtrainer Viljo Nousiainen were molested.
The 46-year-old Sjoberg, who won two Olympic silvers and a bronze, wrote in his memoirs that Nousiainen started molesting him when he was 11 and it lasted for four years.
In his book, Sjoberg describes how he felt abandoned by his father after his parents’ divorce and how Nousiainen took advantage of his vulnerability. Nousiainen lived with the family after entering into a relationship with Sjoberg’s mother.
Sjoberg says the abuse didn’t end until he was about 15, when he started to have “the body of a grown man.”The 33-year-old Tregaro said the abuse started when he was 12.
“My parents had quite a lot of problems at home and I turned to Viljo a lot,” he told Swedish radio. “Successively, during several years, it got worse.
Tregaro, who is in Italy for a training camp with Olsson, said on his Twitter feed Thursday that "it actually feels good to get rid of my suppressed demons.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Tralier Video

The expected movie events is the second of two complete-length part. In the epic final the fight between the good and bad powers of the wizarding world escalates in a complete war.

The official following vehicle for the achtste and last one "Harry miser" film, "Harry miser and the Deathly Sanctifies: Separate Two" has been released

Harry miser and the Deathly Saints became a 2010/2011 two-part epic phantasy film that through David guided Yates, written through Steve Kloves and based on the novel of the same name through J. K. Rowling. The film is produced by Rowling together with David Heyman and David Barron.

The fight between the good and bad powers of the wizarding world escalates in a complete war. The effort is never been higher and is safe nobody.

Bryant-Denny Stadium Survives Tornado (Video)

The wave of the whirlwind activity in Alabama brought dangerous weather very nearly at Bryant Denny stadium.

An UA colleague has me late Tuesday the mile wide whirlwind that devastated Tuscaloosa Tuesday, that addressing informally kills inhabitant and reliance millions of dollar of damage in its Kielwasser, Bryant Denny stadium told missed through 250 yards.

Alabama power: 6 Pmaktualisierungen: Place to 256,000 customers without power certainly. Tuscaloosa influenced district whirlwind 65,000 in last hour.

Number of the dead of this whirlwind is up to 15 from 945 Pm CT.

The same storm moved in Birmingham where a "whirlwind emergency" was explained.

Tuscaloosa Tornado (4/26/2011) by sportsxbrooks

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Westerly-point Former Lesbienne Student Disapproves

A lesbiennecadet that of West Point resigned last year has been disapproved for new permission to the academy even as the army to the revoking of be "not question moves, tell not" administration.

Officials at the U.S. Military Academy say they reached the only decision they could, because the repeal of the policy is not in effect yet
Miller left West Point in August, halfway through her stint at the academy, saying she couldn't lie about her sexuality anymore.
Under President Bill Clinton, the military in 1993 adopted it's "don't ask, don't tell" policy as a compromise that let gay men and women serve so long as they stayed silent about their sexuality. Clinton had wanted to repeal the ban entirely, but the military and many in Congress argued that doing so would disrupt order.

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona Champions League Highlights - 27 April 2011

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona (Champions League) Full Match Highlights And Summary.FC barcelona are playing at top of their game at the messi hit the two goals .there is a great fight Watching by us.

Barcelona will look to avenge their Spanish Cup final defeat at the hands of Real Madrid when they meet Jose Mourinho’s side at the Nou Camp on Wednesday. Use your exclusive membership with Live Sport Network and watch live streaming of Real Madrid vs Barcelona on your pc.
Real won the Copa Del Rey last week at the Mestalla thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s extra time winner. Tensions were high during the game, with Real’s Angel Di Maria getting his marching orders in the dying moments of the fixture.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Champions League

Full Match Highlights And Summary
Match Status and Video Goals
[ Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona ]
[ RED CARD] 45' Jose Pinto
[ RED CARD] 61' Pepe
76' [0 - 1] L. Messi
87' [0 - 2] L. Messi

Blackhawks Beat Vancouver Canucks

Chicago supported into the final games on the final day of the regular season when Minnesota Dallas struck. In order to receive around to the second, the master defending Stanley cup Blackhawks must defend for itself against the front running Vancouver Canucks.

To not to blow the same team, that only won game 1 both times, power effects killing leads in games 2, and to go on lose the series. Not the same team that could not strike the Blackhawks on home ice.

The Canucks did not guarantee that entire speech Friday night, but before a couple of flashback moments.

Daniel Sed indented its second goal on half way through the third period and survived the Canucks three near comebacks and an insane final few minutes to strike the Blackhawks 4-3, and to take a 2-0 leading in the first rundeendspielserie.

The Montreal Canadiens and host Pittsburgh penguin play a decisive game 7 in its eastern conference semifinal series, during the Boston tonight Bruins attempt for the third just game to settle the host Philadelphia flyer. The Bruins leads the series 3-2.

Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig Have Sex (VIDEO) : 'Bridesmaids' Trailer

Here a new, red volume follower is for bride boy distance. It is only no old red volume follower, prepared am certain is had seen I rather it the first red volume follower that I ever, that specifically seems, to appeal to women.

In the film, that is produced by Judd Apatow, Wiig leads leads the throw as an Annie, a Brautjungfer, whose life dissolves, during it its best friend, Lillian, and a group of colorful bride boy distances on a wild trip down the street to marriage. Life of Annie is a disorder. But if it its lifetime finds engaged is out the best friend, must serve it simply as the Brautjungfer of Lillian.

There is Kristen Wiig, has checked the sexual intercourse with Jon and climbed opposingly, from with Byrne, but the Melissa McCarthy of Mike & Molly and Reno 911! 's has itself McLendon Covey also receives a face time proceeding, proving that it is a true ensemble. Watch it below.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haynesworth Accused Van Sexual Abuse

A first name jury in Washington D. C. has Albert Hayesworth on a criminal offence sexual attack expense accused that of an incident descends that in February an employee at the hotel in February involves
Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth wanted to be serve accused Tuesday of criminal offence sexual abuse for as it were caressed the breast of at a Washington hotel
The summons, furnished through a District of Columbia first name jury over, descended from an incident in which the gevechtsklare football player as it were the breasts of a waitress at the W Hotel caressed then she a table brightened up
This is not the only expenses Haynesworth faces; the powerful defensive tackle looks at also an attack expense, that of a separate February incident descends, in which he hit a medebestuurder in the face in Fairfax Province, Virginia. The man maintains that Albert of its car escaped and hit him in the nose in a classic case of wegwoede.

Manchester United v Schalke Results Summary & Highlights

Alex may be the team of Ferguson favorite to advance to its third finale in four years, but German opposition never was easy for the scot in Knockout European soccer and will be Schalke no lightness, in which are probable, a thick, two would gnaw by to be matter.

Manchester united, will go thinking that this is a large chance for it to go out its, and to make it to the finale of the masters league, and it the easir train also, that is FC Schalke in consideration the fact, that other options FCS Barcelona included and actually Madrid, that play a sublime soccer at the moment.

Now only 4 teams left in the event of these years and with Elclassico to happened on Wednesday night we, will receive a chance to watch united trips, to stand in opposition FC schalke, in which mouth will be, prosepct in the moment irrigates.

For its part, Schalke appeared to be anything, but league defends half finalist after a disappointing campaign in the league enduring. Second to Bavaria of last season, is defers the team a distant that is 10th in the national league, this time around.

Schalke (4-4-2): Neuer; Uchida, Metzelder, Howedes, Sarpei; Baumjohann, Matip, Papadopoulos, Jurado; Edu, Raul.

Manchester United (4-4-2): Van der Sar; Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Nani, Carrick, Giggs, Park; Rooney, Hernandez.

Schalke vs Man Utd Match Details:
Cup: UEFA Champions League
Stage: Semi-Final [1st Leg]
Date: 26.4.2011
Kick Off Time: 7:45 PM BST
Stadium: Veltis Arena

Manchester United v Schalke Results Summary
Schalke 04 [0 : 2] Manchester Utd

67' [0 : 1] Ryan Giggs
70' [0 : 2] Wayne Rooney

Unitedly begun fantastic and only a fingertip stop of Manuel more newly has Wayne Rooney indenting in the opening exchange prevented. Unitedly has further in the first half attacked Manuel however more newly has another astonishing parade dismantled to deny Ryan Giggs 'direct title. Yet unitedly retained continued oppressively the Schalke goal, but Manuel newer incredibly first forty-five, denies has another chance than it that Ryan Giggs should really would have buried. (First half highpoints) in the 66th minute, the red found devil in the end the breakthrough when Wayne Rooney a lovely identification card in Ryan Giggs in the box is slipped and this time the Waliser magician tact newer with a shot low point. With its defense broken has unitedly a quickly fire second claims when Chicharito in Wayne Rooney and the number played ten tact newer with perfect comfort.

Monday, April 25, 2011

NFL Lockout Ordered Lifted By Judge

Farmer NFL players saw the labor fight tip in their favor Monday as a federal judge ordered the league to end its lockout, meaning football will continue while owners and players bicker over.
But the lockout has killed the momentum and there is no way in the world the ratings will match last year. The NFL is really shooting itself in the foot with this lockout and millions of dollars will be lost because of it.
The NFL is expected to appeal the ruling, handed down today by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson, that grants players' request for a preliminary injunction to lift an owner-imposed lockout that began March 11.
The Packers are still looking for some face time with President Obama after being snubbed prior to the NFC Championship game with the Bears. Obama was an Illinois Senator and Chicago Bears fan. Packers Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Woodson called out Obama after winning the championship, saying "Guess What? We're gonna see him.
Owners imposed the lockout after talks broke down on March 11 and the players disbanded their union. The players say the lockout is causing irreparable harm to their careers. A group of players filed the injunction request along with an antitrust lawsuit
f it's not...well, then we could have an interesting situation on our hands. The lockout would remain lifted but the CBA has expired so what happens with free agency, trades, and other normal parts of NFL life isn't clear.

Manchester City Vs Blackburn Results Summary & Highlights

Man city will be over the moon after the incredible victory over man Utd in the semifinal of the Fa cups. There was the chance into the finales after a space of more than 30 years to register.

It is returns now only four victories in eighteen counterparts for Rovers boss Steve Kean, that last of that and it remain very much in the melee on the ground in January – only two points from the lower three. Last time out of that it once again were swept aside of Everton and will arrange a man city side on Monday on the world from after the Fa cupfinale reaching.

Blackburn Rovers will hope to received something out of this counterpart, that will permit them to retained the good course of the form, will hope it to conclude the season on one highly. Soccer playing on the other hand good during Manchester city by its own.

Manchester City: Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Kolarov; Barry, De Jong; Johnson, Yaya Toure, Milner; Dzeko.

Blackburn Rovers: Robinson; Salgado, P.Jones, Samba, Olsson; Emerton, Dunn, J.Jones, Pedersen; Rochina, Roberts.

Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester City:
Date: 26 April 2011 - Time: 19:45 BST
Vanue: Ewood Park, Blackburn

7th Grade QB trick-shot video, Gunnar Legas

Legas hits all of the targets, some from as long as 50 yards, and even practices rolling out of the pocket. He also performs some tricks while blindfolded and ends the video by throwing a laser, knocking off his partner’s hat off his head.

johnny McEntee has inspired another young football player. Gunnar Legas, a 7th grader from Provo, Utah, recently posted his own trick shot video.

Chris Paul says he would hit his mother and pauses Trevor Ariza

Chris hits plays Paul seeming someone that against basketbal, even mother.
The Horzels star had an awe-inspiring performance in Game 4 against the Lakers, registered a triple-double and score of 14 points in the fourth quarter. The all-star guard fought Kobe in the complete game and after it all over was, asked the Cheryl Miller of TNT Paul what it as was round physical with the five-time champion to become.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arsenal vs Bolton Results Summary & Highlights

Arsenal regarded to return back to triumphant ways, and to remain in contact with Manchester, united above on the table with an important victory if they will visit Bolton Streuner on Sunday.

The counterpart has with typical physical Bolton fashion, Theo Walcott had happily was begun an early scream for a punishment during Kevin Davies to escaped an entry for a grating device on Alex song. The Kanoniere a shot had more goal threat already prematurely with Cesc Fabregas bubbling only extend of the post.

In the next counterpart of the first league, on Sunday to be played 24th of April 2011 when arsenal will travel after that north to stand in opposition arsenal in the league counterpart, and it must win this counterpart or will lose and will get away it the battle at above the table badly against Chelsea for the 2nd spot when they won its counterpart on Saturday.

Arsenal Squad
Szczesny; Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy; Wilshere, Song; Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin; Van Persie.

Bolton Squad
Jaaskelainen; Steinsson, Cahill, Knight, Robinson; Muamba, Lee, Petrov; Elmander, Sturridge, K Davies.

Bolton Wanderers vs Arsenal:
Date: 24 April 2011 - Time: 16:00 BST
Venue: Reebok Stadium, Bolton

Arsenal vs Bolton Match Results & Summary
Bolton [2 : 1] Arsenal

38' [1 : 0] Daniel Sturridge
48' [1 : 1] Robin Van Persie
90' [2 : 1] Tamir Cohen

The counterpart has with typical physical Bolton fashion, Theo Walcott had happily was begun an early scream for a punishment during Kevin Davies to escaped an entry for a grating device on Alex song. The Kanoniere a shot had more goal threat already prematurely with Cesc Fabregas bubbling only extend of the post. The foot took the lead in the 38th minute when a corner goalwards was led by Gary Cahill and Daniel Sturridge, reassured itself that the ball went over the line with a continuation title on the reversal. Only, after the remainder type Bolton had a favorable opportunity for 2-0, seeing Kevin Davies its punishment that is saved by Wojciech Szczesny. Thee minutes after the breach arsenal has pay the feet for its slovenliness, Robin van Persia played made a 1-2 with Fabregas and records well goal (a new first league has concluded) for its 7th following away. Tamir Cohen has certainly any hope of an arsenal of title challenge with a late late winner five minutes after the coming of at concluded and became taking its shirt booked to reveal from a T Shirt in honor of its late father.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba Death : Full News

The new very hard one came this morning Sathya Sai Hippie (the Witty Leader) Is Dead today to 7:40 AM this morning in the Hospital of Sai of Sathya to Pittaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. His condition was crictical MEME of the past days. When the doctors announced his death, they asked of not to be at the calm of men and to the hospital hurries also.

Principal minister of Andhra Pradesh left for Puttaparthi after these new ones.

Sri Sathya Sai Hippie, of which influences it witty ran to the four corners of the world, passed far Sunday morning in Puttaparthi in the neighborhood of Anantapur of the Pradesh of Andhra because of failure cardiorespiratoire.

Born on November 23 1926 in a modest family in Puttaparthi, Satyanarayana Raju declared itself a reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Hippie at the age of 14. From that time its fascinated and its admirers grew only in the numbers during the years.

Viral Video Star Antoine Dodson Arrested-News Live

The problem to be with a virus star, is that everyone knows, if you also receive in difficulties.

Viral sensation Antoine Dodson has best at for memory us remembered "around yo children, skin yo wife, to ambushes, and skin yo husband" of the disgusting "bed intruder". To badly, there was to be hidden no to remember that one over Antoine its weeds.

Dodson became of second degree marijuana possession, ride fast, failure accused round liability insurance and other minor expense after police to have stopped him asked in Saturday in Huntsville, told Huntsville Politiewoordvoerder Dr. Harry Hobbs Reuters.

It was released later on Saturday after the setting up of a $1,340 cash connection, said Hobbs.

Zaza Pachulia Suspended After Fighting With Jason Richardson Video

The Magic of Orlando against the game of decisive Games of Hawks of Antlanta 3 Turns of drilling Is Increased Lebron James Kobe Bryant.

Fight between richardson and Zaza during the game of decisive game 3 in the fourth quarter between Magic against the hawks 4/22/2011.

In the final minutes of Game 3, centers Dwight Howard Magic drove to the basket and drew a hard dégoutant of Pachulia. The two were tangled on and Howard launched a quick elbow, that had for result the reception of stars a technical dégoutant after the referees verified the video.

As foreseen, the officers of NBA announced Saturday that Jason Richardson and Zaza of center of safeguard of Hawks of Atlanta Pachulia was suspended for a game each.

Every player was suspended for Game 4 of the collection between Orlando and Atlanta, and I am rather certain that is a commerce that the Hawks done every only time.

Chelsea 3-0 West Ham Result Summary & Highlights

Western ham will become Chelsea at its homes Staford bridge on Saturday, stand in opposition 23rd of April, 2011.

That saw goods middle the week games in the end that climb up us to support in the table, that is somewhat, that before rather unlikely a couple of months and in today late step from we regarded has, retain must our triumphant power effect to go accumulating a little pressure on the leaders after its train saw middle in the week, that they let fall points.

You propose soccer Italiano to make you, are bet on Chelsea while our prediction says, that the game will conclude: Chelsea 4 and western hams 0.

Prediction: When both teams need really three points, I will predict this counterpart as a train through 1-1.


CHELSEA (from): Cech, Bosingwa, Ferreira, Terry, Luiz, Ivanovic, Zhirkov, Cole, Bertrand, Mikel, Essien, Lampard, Benayoun, Kalou, Malouda, Anelka, Torres, Drogba, Turnbull.

WEST HAM (from): Green, Jacobsen, Tomkins, Upson, Bridge, Noble, Hitzlsperger, Piquionne, Spector, Ba, Cole, Boffin, Reid, Da Costa, Boa Morte, Obinna, Collison, Keane.

Chelsea vs West Ham Match Schedule

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 23 April
Kick-off: 17:30 BST

Chelsea Vs West Ham Results & Summary
Chelsea [3 : 0] West Ham

44' [1 : 0] Frank Lampard
84' [2 : 0] Fernando Torres
90' [3 : 0] Florent Malouda

First Half Highlights
Only before half time, in the pouring rain, places Frank Lampard Chelsea in front against its former club.

Second Half Highlights
With six minutes in order to go a sodden Stamford bridge, intellectually went a little when Fernando Torres indented its first Chelsea goals with a splitting rotation and end. Florent Malouda added a late third.

Manchester United 1-0 Everton Watch Full Summary & Highlights

Manchester Is United looked at to maintain itself their report of perfect house with another comfortable victory when they welcome Everton in their next game Saturday.

Follow minutieux-par-l'action of minute of the First game of League between Manchester United itself and Everton to Old Trafford on Saturday April 23 2011

Manchester Is United plays itself the really good soccer recently and it will be interesting to see how they go of this game. Manchester Is United is itself player that will take everton

Manchester Is United 1 – Everton 0 (First League, April 23, 2011) IT WAS almost a game of aggressors against the defenders in the first half (the essential ones here) as United dominated the chances with to pierce the Everton backline.

Match Results and Summary
[ Manchester United 1-0 Everton ]
84' [1 - 0] J. Hernandez 

It was dominated almost a game of attackers against defender in the first half (high points here) then United the chances with the breaking through the Everton backline. The one-way traffic of Manchester United continual subject to after the fracture and finally seven minutes of time the paid dividends Javier Hernandez a Valencia cross present on then the achterpost lead.

Bobby Ryan Goal vs Nashville Predators Video

Amazing match between Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators in Game 5 on Friday night. In this match The Bobby Ryan of Anaheim scored a delightful targeted Goal. After beating David Legwand Bobby Ryan score goal incredibly over Predators with 2:1.
3rd period, 1st minute was tied sudden The Ducks wing player stole the chosen embarrassed Nashville's David Legwand. Miserable for Ryan and the Ducks Nashville knotted the game again minutes later and went to win further 4-3 in overtime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude , Skier Jumps Off Cliff, Films Avalanche

Most Incredible Content Seen By GoPro As Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude Hit Alps like true heroes skiing the French backcountry while escaping a large avalanche on their tails.

Well, that wouldn't stop a British superspy, nor does it stop Matthias Giraud, who flies off the edge, filming the rocky, snow covered peaks below.

Adventure Travel, News AFP/Getty Images It's the stuff James Bond films are made of. A lone skier perched atop a mountain begins his daring descent.

Professional extreme skier Billy Poole died Tuesday from injuries he suffered after jumping off a cliff while filming in Utah with Warren Miller Entertainment.

NHL Playoffs - Andrew Ference After His Goal Video

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference went digital Thursday -- as in, pat from Montreal Canadiens followers. Expect NHL disciplinarian to have an answer on Friday.

Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens, Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference that is indented in order to cut the lead to 3-2. After the goal, Ference ice skate ran after the glass and gave the Canadiens followers an obscene gesture.

In NHL circles, Andrew Ference is well known as something of a gentleman. It is a well known conservationist that helped to develop a carbon balanced program for the NHL.

In Separate Cases Four Rice Football Players Arrested-Full News

Defensive end Cody Carlton Bauer and linebacker Cade Mitchell Shaw that were checked both Saturdays, all four were checked of rice university police.

Kevin Dewayne Gaddis, 20 and Phillip Winfield Grow, were accused 20, by Possession of Marijuana, according to public records.

Cornerbacks Kevin Gaddis and Phillip profits were checked Monday on false behavior marihuana possession costs. Gaddis is loaded also with false behavior theft. It is set up free on $1,000 connections, during profits $500 connections for its release.

Their shares its gezet at $500 and their first appearance of the court is 25 April dated.

Real Madrid Drops Copa del Rey Trophy Under Team Bus

Real Madrid waited 18 years to win back the Copa del Rey trophy – only to drop the cup and watch it get crushed under the wheels of a bus.

The 33-pound cup slipped from the hands of Madrid defender Sergio Ramos while atop the team bus during celebrations Thursday morning in the capital. Only hours before, the club defeated rival Barcelona in the domestic cup final in Valencia.
Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey after defeating arch-rival Barcelona with an extra-time goal netted by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. It is Real Madrid's first Copa del Rey since 1993 and comes in Jose Mourinho's debut season since joining from Serie A side Inter Milan.
“The cup fell, it fell,” Ramos said according to Europa Press agency. “But the cup is OK.”

Soccer , Video , Copa Del Rey , Copa Del Rey Trophy , Copa Del Rey Trophy Bus , Real Madrid , Real Madrid Copa Del Rey , Real Madrid Drops Trophy , Real Madrid Drops Trophy Bus

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Gaga, singing You & I, was attempting to balance herself between her piano and its' bench, when she tumbled backward to the ground during her performance on Sunday.For the second time this month -- Lady Gaga went down HARD during a live concert ... this time, she slipped and fell on stage during a concert in Atlanta last night.
Music For the second time this month -- Lady Gaga went down HARD during a live concert ... this time, she slipped and fell on stage during a concert in Atlanta last night. Just like the last fall ... Gaga got right up and trucked
Just like the last fall ... Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.
In case you forgot, Gaga fell off of a fire-spewing piano during a concert in Houston on April 10. She was born this way.

Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia Video

Around one month ago this publication reported on a major UFO event that occurred in the region of Irkutsk in Russia's Siberia. Hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, hurtle towards Earth before loudly impacting the ground in a wooded area.

In the video, the alien looks to be about two or three feet tall, with a large head and long, thin limbs. It's gotten over 1 million hits so far, with many commenters asking if it could be the real thing. A message on the YouTube video, which was uploaded about a week ago, states that "Your government is lying to you about UFO & alien visitation

It follows reports of a UFO hurtling towards Earth in the nearby Irkutsk region of Siberia one month ago.

'We couldn't believe it when we saw it. And what was spooky is that there was no sign of the spaceship. Perhaps that was taken away and the body overlooked,' said Igor Molovic, one of the pair that uploaded the video.

The clip has now been seen by nearly 700,000 people within a few days.

Cynics claim the video is a fake using a carefully staged model for the alien's body.

But one fan wrote': 'It's so lame how people always get thrilled by having another excuse to shout "Fake! fake!" every time something weird shows up. Unless proven otherwise, this is in fact plausible

Tim Hetherington, 'Restrepo' Director Killed In Libya

Oscar-nominated Photojournalist ,Tim Hetherington, war documentary "Restrepo," Killed In Libya At besieged Libyan town of Misrata on Wednesday.

According To a colleague ,who was with at the triage center, Mr. Hondros, suffered a severe brain injury and was in extremely critical condition. He had been revived and was clinging to life in the evening, the colleague said.

Tim Hertherington Killed In Libya.2 Photojonurnalist Are Killed And 2 Injured In Rocket Attack This Is a Pain Full News.

Thirteen Libyan officers and soldiers, including a general, handed themselves over to the Tunisian military at the border, Tunisia's state news agency TAP reported, apparently seeking refuge after clashes with the insurgents.

British-born Tim Hetherington, co-director of the 2010 documentary "Restrepo" about U.S. soldiers on an outpost in Afghanistan, was killed.

Tim Hetherington, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker and photographer, and Chris Hondros, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer, were killed in the city of Misrata after being hit by mortar fire during fighting between Muammar Gaddafi's forces and Libyan rebels.

Dodgers Operations Taken Over By Major League Baseball

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball is taking the extraordinary and historic step of assuming control of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team increasingly paralyzed by its owners' bitter divorce.
Baseball commissioner Bud Selig says in a release Wednesday that he will appoint a representative to oversee the "business and the day-to-day operations of the Club."
Selig says he took action "because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers."

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arsenal vsTottenham Result Summary & Highlights

Tottenham vs arsenal should be hero on March 20, 2011th But the match had to be postponed until the middle of this week because arsenal have to undergo the Carling Cup final to face Birmingham on the seed day.

In a very very important Longon derby between two very historic rivals we, have Tottenham hosting arsenal in the league match and it wants to want wants be interesting to lake how they go about this match ace they be looking chase down their respective teams and position in the league.

The game kicks off at 12:45 in the UK today, it it at early kick off and since ours is the only match at this Time of the day we should have plenty of streaming to the left of available.

The reason, the Gunners a few Times often waste at opportunity just in Time rival, one united hero up or Eves draw lots. Including when detained in a 1-1 draw by live pool at the weekend.

Tottenham: Gomes; Corluka, Dawson, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Huddlestone, Modric, Bale; Van der Vaart; Crouch.

Arsenal: Szczesny; Eboue, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy; Song, Wilshere; Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott; Van Persie.

Tottenham Hotpurs vs Arsenal:
Date: 20 April 2011 – Time: 10:45 GMT
Venue: White Hart Lane, London

Chelsea vs Birmingham City Result Summary & Highlights

If Birmingham city visited the Fulham street in August 1985, some editions were very different and other much the same.

Birmingham even may feel that they hold the entire aces, after it was it, that on upper part come out are when the two teams clinked at St Andrew back in November.

Birmingham is 14th, one away in the moment with 38 points in 32 counterparts record of the W2 D7 L6, indenting 15 goals in the games and confessing 26 in return to.

The future of the Italian at the club in unsteadily after poor middle year tense in the league of the London club of demanding prevented to retain its first leagues of title.

Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, David Luiz, Terry, Cole; Essien, Ramires, Lampard; Kalou, Drogba, Malouda.

Birmingham: Foster; Carr, Parnaby, Johnson, Ridgewell; Gardner, Bowyer, Ferguson, Larsson, Hleb; Jerome.

Chelsea vs Birmingham City Match scheduled
Cup: English Premier League
Chelsea: 3rd place with 61 points
Birmingham: 14th place with 38 points
Date: 20.4.2011
Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Kick Off Time: 7:45 GMT

Steve Downie Lightning-Penguins Game (VIDEO)

Chris Kunitz and Steve Downie that were suspended both by the national hockey league for a game.

But if you will put through rules so -- it makes of the first before seaosn game in September until the final games of the Stanley cup. Each tiredly of the rules adjusted to become for the will of the final games -- not calls, hyperactive calls, what also always.

Only six minutes into the game, Downie left its feet and loaded nets in Lovejoy behind the penguin. The flash received a shifted punishment, but that max. Talbot of Pittsburgh indented immediately to place the penguins on 1-0.

The penguins are win gone on 3-2 to take a 2-1 series lead.

Keenan Cahill Teams Up With Gaint ,Brian Wilson, Video

The event is appropriately named “Dynamite: A Fundraiser For Keenan Cahill.It has turned into much more than that, and suddenly he has become an internet sensation, performing in videos with popular artists like David Guetta, DJ Pauly D and 50 Cent.

San Francisco Giants join Keenan Kahill on a song they will never forget.

Watch Me Perform "Dynamite" With The World Champion San Francisco Giants.

The San Francisco Giants are my favorite team in baseball. I root for the White Sox as a rule, but it's hard not to like the Giants.

Keenan's condition is called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome. The disease stunts growth, being the reason why Keenan is 16, but doesn't look much older than 8. Along with the disease(which affects roughly 1,100 people a year) are the cost of prescription drugs which help to extend life, but can cost upwards of $350, 000 a year.

The 2010 World Series champions aren't the first athletes to team up with Cahill. He has also lip-synced a couple members of the New York Knicks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amazing Alley-Oop Against Sixers In Game 3 Lebron Full Video

LeBron Slams In Amazing Alley-Oop Against Sixers In Game 3 It Was Really Incridble Shot Must watch this How To protect The Goals.
The Miami Heat love to score in transition and that's exactly what they did in the second quarter of Game 2 against the Philadelphia 76ers.
After Miami's Joel Anthony blocked Thaddeus Young's shot, Dwyane Wade recovered the loose ball and started a fast break.
The two-time MVP grabbed the ball with one hand and threw down an incredible alley-oop. James went on to score 29 points in Miami's 94-73 victory

9 Times Marathon Winner Dies Grete Waitz Dead At 57

Grete Waitz, Nine-Time Norwegian Winner of New York Marathon, Dies at 57 She Was , the record nine-time winner of the New York City Marathon, died after a six-year struggle with cancer. She was jst 57 .
I was hurting. I was mad. I was angry. I told Jack: 'Never again!" she recalled in 2008, 30 years later.
The lean Norwegian middle-distance runner, who had set two world-records in the 3,000 meters, was invited to the race as a "rabbit," someone brought in to set a fast early pace for the favorite runners.Grete is in my eyes one of the greatest Norwegian athletes of all time," Norwegian Athletics Federation president Svein Arne Hansen said. "Not only through her performances in the sport, but also as a role model for women in sports."In a Twitter posting, marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe remembered Waitz as "an amazing champion and more amazing person."

Lionel Messi Boots Ball at Real Madrid Fans – Intentional or Not?

Lionel Messi smacks the ball at Real Madrid fans but doesn’t mean it. he is good player and he doest not thing he turuly honest about football game.but after thind accident on Media ask the question what do you think? Guilty or not?

Lionel Messi has always been seen as the exception to the rule that to be a proper good footballer you needed to be a bit of a ‘orrible git. You needed to like head-butting people (Zidane), make well late tackles (Scholes), be outrageously arrogant (CR7), shag prozzies (Wayne) or just do loads of drugs (Maradona). Messi was simply a nice little lad who liked playing football really well.

For years Lionel Messi has been forced to endure foul after foul by opposition defenders, so it's unsurprising to see him finally snap.

Newcastle United v Manchester United Results Summary & Highlights

Newcastle was not allowed to have be Manchester united one of the classic inventories of the English soccer, but it produced often classic counterparts and moments, of the chip of Philippe Albert to possibly the largest team achievement of the first league epoch.

The 24 years could do his beginning despite to spend the last few one the days to the bedside of partner Jessica Lawlor after she suffered from the multiple injuries in a road accident last week.

Wayne Rooney will return of suspension to cite the attack of Manchester united when the first league of leader regard, for its Fa cupenttäuschung. Multiple serve to pay for Un accident de route la semaine dernière.

Newcastle United :Krul; Simpson, Coloccini, Williamson, Enrique; Barton, Guthrie, Tiote, Gutierrez; Ameobi, Lovenkrands.
Subs: Soderberg, Perch, Ryan Taylor, Ireland, Steven Taylor, Ranger, Kuqi.

Manchester United: Van der Sar; O'Shea, Smalling, Vidic, Evra; Carrick, Anderson; Nani, Rooney, Giggs; Hernandez.
Subs: Kuszczak, Owen, Park, Fabio Da Silva, Evans, Valencia.

Newcastle United vs Man Utd:
Date: 19 April 2011 - Time: 19:45 GMT
Venue:St James Park, Newcastle

Robert Pattinson Cried 'Water For Elephants' Sex Scene (Video)

Robert Pattinson wants to clean make a thing: that were not snot Schniefen during its "water for elephants" sex scene. It was only true emotional.

Speaking with in contact, burdened itself Witherspoon that the licking nose Pattinson suffered during to film the scene.

In addition the premiere of the film overtaken with Pattinson and its "elephant" Co star Reese Witherspoon on Sunday, and Witherspoon made its best to deny its earlier comments that it suffered on screen that was forbidden lover, from a disgusting cold during its large love scene.

Rob and Reese chatted with in addition on the red carpet of the water for elephants in NYC on Sunday and "set Reese the record just" with reporter around its love scene with the semi-darkness of chunk.

"You thought that it brought in embarrassment, for which, to cry me, but I think that it is embarrassing, to snoop. I am agrees totally with wines at its beauty".

LeBron Crack In Amazing Alley Game 3 (VIDEO)

It heated Miami indent likes to be in transition and that exact, what they made in the second quarter of games 2 against the Philadelphia 76ers. After the Joel Anthony of Miami, shot Thaddeus boy, Dwyane has wades checked recovered the loose ball and began a fast breach. It threw quickly an outflow identification card to protect Mario Chalmers, that immediately an identification card to LeBron James floated. The two malig MVP seized the ball with a hand and threw down an incredible avenue oop

Andre Iguodala shows its shots impeding capacities with this absurd block on LeBron James, sending the ball into the stands.

Geoffrey Mutai Won London's Fastest Marathon In 2hr.3min.2sec.

Geoffrey Mutai Wins the Boston Marathon in 2hr.3min.2sec. This Race Is London's Fastest Marathon has ever run the 26.2 mile distance On April 18.

Kenya's Emmanuel Mutai won the men's race in two hours four minutes and 39 seconds - breaking the London record.

Compatriot Mary Keitany won the women's race in in 2:19.17, the fourth fastest women's marathon ever, and Britain's David Weir won the wheelchair race.

On the female side, American Desiree Davila and Kenyan Caroline Kilel were neck and neck down the stretch, with Kilel ultimately taking the race with a personal best 2 hours, 22 minutes and 36 seconds.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicago Bulls: 10 Reasons Why They Will Win the East, Reach the NBA Finals

It’s hard these days to get away from the Chicago Bulls. That happens when you have the likely MVP, recently locked-up the number-one seed in the Eastern Conference and have looked like the best team in the NBA for much of the second half of the season.
Sometimes though, you have to throw out the statistics and just trust your instinct, which is why I believe the young Bulls are not ready to beat the likes of Orlando or Boston in a seven-game series, and will not reach the NBA finals this season.
maybe you wouldn't laugh at that statement. But what if they snapped right back, telling you the Bulls would claim the top seed in the top-heavy East despite Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah missing a combined 57 games heading into Friday night's tilt against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Their unselfishness, humility, and team chemistry has delighted basketball purists. But it is their defense, star point guard, and unrelenting hunger that has put terror into the hearts of their opponents.

They are not yet worthy of being called "the team to beat"—there's a certain two-time defending champion out in L.A. that still holds that distinction. But a ticket to the NBA Finals is up for grabs in the Eastern Conference, and the Bulls have all the necessary tools to snatch it away

Raffi Torres Hits Brent Seabrook On His Head During Match Video

Canucks Crushes Shot sent on leveled Vleugelspeler Adversary With Impudent Head Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook with a large blow on Sunday night during the 3-2 victory of the Canucks over the Blackhawks in their Stanley Bekerbeslissingswedstrijdserie of the first round.

Raffi Torres traverses comes a hard body inspection on Brent Seabrook and it and makes it again.

He may be may found in the NHL dog house after this blow on Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook.

If the madness repeats really the same action but same to foresee a different result, a then French Canadians of Vancouver dispatch Raffi Torres could be insane.

It became only back of a four game suspension and goes it from and prediction this blow on Brent Seabrook, I make that it will be another call of the NHL and perhaps another unpaid vacation of the NHL for Raffi Torres.

In consideration, the fact would become that it did not learn clearly of that mistake, I say that a five game time barrier session suitably would be allowed to be.......

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paul, Hornets steal Game 1 in L.A. Video

Chris Paul and single team measures demolished begun the night over the street of their hotel to Nieten Centreer for the New Orleans Horzels the postseason,Eagerly to hoist on some blows in the shadows of the Lakers' imposing bannières.avec of championship their turbulent uniform season. 
Hornet against Lakers final result:  Chris Paul, Jarrett Jack operating New Orleans upset - SBNation. com - all posts hornet against Lakers, game 1 - at the bee basket Lakers/hornet final game preview:  If the hornet. 

 Trey Johnson, remembered from the D-LEAGUE from the Lakers just five first days, played you are minute in the second quarter.  Johnson was with the Lakers in the camping of training and satisfied on for first Toronto this season

Bryant has with the courtside chair next to Tim Leiweke, that chairman of the board of the sport conglomerate AEG collides.  ...  Follower nearly at courtside Jack black, seal, will included am. I., leads former Arizona trick crane William and brewer owner mark Attanasio further. 

Arsenal vs Liverpool Results Summary & Highlights

This is a decisive game for the two sides as a live pool of the host of the arsenal in the English Premier League on Sunday.

If two giants of the game meeting of one another you will know, that you are received somewhat special, so if arsenals welcome stadium traveled too live pool to the emirates for this weekends excessive Sunday it to be unconditional an unsweetened cookie. There is allay redundance to play for for both these sides with arsenal, that shoots for the title, and the live pool viewing on to secure European soccer.

Arsenal Squad
Almunia, Lehmann, Diaby, Rosicky, Walcott, Denílson, Ramsey, Djourou, Eboué, Chamakh, Bendtner

Liverpool Squad
Gulacsi, Poulsen, Kyrgiakos, Rodríguez, Cole, Ngog, Jovanovic, Hansen, Wilson, Shelvey, Robinson

Arsenal vs Liverpool.
English Premier League.
Kick off: 16:00 GMT – 17th April 2011.

Match Result and Highlights
[ Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool FC ]
90' [1 - 0] R.v. Persie (pen.)
90' [1 - 1] D. Kuyt (pen.)

Match Summary
Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott had asked chances for the Artilleristen. Laurent Koscielny hit also the inclement in the first 45 and Robin bus that Persie a target had that for offside is bans. People Suarez dedicate shot the beginning of the second half in and only for the hour it an extended interruption after a common looking wound to Jamie Carragher was. Roodborstjebusje Persie was the following round over for Arsenal on 71 to lobben and with four minutes of the 90 left pep Reina saved good of RVP. To consequence of the interruptions were there 8 minutes of wounds time and the layman on Arsenal would get their victory then Robin bus that Persie a punishment on 96 scored after Shelvey Fabregas had dirtied.,. Only back came Liverpool and won their own punishment for an Eboue violation on Lucas that by Dagger Kuyt were converted.

Lenny Dykstra Arrested For Bankruptcy Fraud & Destroying $400,000 In Property

The Jane of CNBC swells have reports on formerly MLB player, Lenny Dykstra, arrested because of bankruptcy of vertigo or, that about $400,000 in property in the Los Angeles this Friday zone through community destroyed, regulates.

Dykstra old in accordance with the USA lawyer 48 year has later with a felony number Geladen to embezzle by of a bankruptcy possession.

Former second division baseball star and even appointed financial guru Lenny Dykstra were loaded with Verkäufenstücken of its former life when he fought to fight numerous creditors in bankruptcy court.

Ball players old former the 48 years police will stand also obviously not related national costs after its arrest by Los Angeles on Thursday night on suspicion of the magnificent theft vis-à-vis.

The homes and its arrangements are part of the bankruptcy possession, and Dykstra was prevented from become removing it.

But in accordance with the complaint approximately a month after the explaining of bankruptcy, sold Dykstra a lorry-load of the arrangements and graphics of the gentleman seat to a local shipment business.

FYI -- Dykstra is not permitted legally, which to sell by the things, that contrive the bankruptcy possession. The property only must be used to pay guilt to creditors off, and all negotiations must of one court appointed attorney initiated become.

In accordance with the LATimes from 1:14PM, HAS checked LAPPED and is held that Dykstra on divided costs of the magnificent theft car on $500,000 castles.

Yewry Guillen, Dead At 18 Nationals Prospect,

The death of Washington Nationals prospect Yewri Guillen from bacterial meningitis prompted the team to capture precautions to protect other players at its Dominican training academy.Guillen died Thursday, after first showing symptoms of the disease Monday, according to Dr. Wiemi Douoguih, the Nationals’ medical director.
The team said in a statement Friday that shortstop Yewry Guillen died Thursday. It is unclear whether Guillen was in contact with other players at the team's academy.
Guillen was buried in a Nigua cemetery near the small home he shared with his father and two sisters. The Lerners, owners of the Nationals, said they would pay for the funeral and Nationals players donated money to help Guillen's family.
Douoguih said other players at the academy are not at risk and that the Nationals are assessing what they can do to prevent such a tragedy in the future.

"Everyone that came in contact with him received standard prophylaxis to prevent this from spreading and becoming more of a problem

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Highlights 1-1 Goals Video 16 April, 2011

Real Madrid sign against FC Barcelona 1-1 on Saturday, 16 April 2011 at the Santiago Bernabeu for Drawer League BBVA.  Real Madrid remain on the second place with eight points behind Pep the side of Guardiola On.  Spaans eyes will smile as it an assortment of fantastic football is when the rivalry that between real Madrid and Barcelona ring on on Sunday simmers.  There is a smorgasbord of going out stileert football to taste and you have the chance gotten your pleasure to double as the these two Spanish Giants on first in Drawer League in the Santiago Bernabeu then yet four days meet that later on be in the Copa divide Rey final over in Valencia.  When you of football will hold you these two love.  Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to punish for their teams, both through. 

Match Result and Highlights
[ Real Madrid 1-1 FC Barcelona ]
53' [0 - 1] L. Messi (pen.)
82' [1 - 1] C. Ronaldo (pen.)

Match Summary
One of the early high points of the Clasico wash wiped Marcelo the straighter of its feet. Lionel Messi had the first large chance, broke the ball in the hands of Casillas off. The second half began hit with abundance of action, Cristiano Ronaldo the post of a free-kick and on their next attack Barcelona, a punishment wanted to convert for an Albiol violation on Villa with Lionel Messi – its first target against a Jose Mourinho side and the Reaal defender sent. Real Madrid sign to go levels with 8 minutes, to convert Cristiano Ronaldo a punishment for an Alves violation on Marcelo – CR 7′ s firstly ever target against Barcelona.

Manchester City V Manchester Utd Results Summary & Highlights

Manchester United games at top of thier spell and are quite yet a sopraan to get as they a good chance of have City here to hit and to the final of the Cup of England 2011
In this half final set will miss Manchester staker Wayne Rooney United the struck ban through the FA. Manchester City will lose also their hoofdstaker Carlos Tevez because of wound.
On ground way Manchester United has won 5, marked 8 and lost 3 put. This place the Red Develishly that 4de its in away a team performance in the English First Federation form.

Manchester City Squad
Taylor, Zabaleta, Milner, Wright-Phillips, A Johnson, Jô, Boyata, Razak, McGivern, Guidetti, Vieira

Manchester Utd Squad
Kuszczak, O'Shea, Brown, Smalling, Fábio, Gibson, Anderson, Park, Giggs, Owen, Bébé

Manchester City vs Manchester United:
FA Cup 2011:
Date: 16 April 2011- Time: 17:15 GMT

Match Result and Highlights
[ Man City 1-0 Manchester United ]
52' [1 - 0] Y. Touré

Match Summary
A flat first half saw the best kansval to Dimitar Berbatov around the sign of 15 minutes with Joe Mannetjeshert that the first and the Bulgaar saves that the second from now bring in. City began the second half good and Yaya Toure made the break then he Carrick, rounded off Vidic and finished voorbije Bus of the Baiter robbed. On the task of 72 United became much harder then Paul Plaice a law received that red is for a poor challenge on Zabaleta.

Seconds after the final flute their was unsavoury scenes that Mario Balotelli involve & Rio Ferdinand.

K S Chitra Daughter Nandana Death News Video

View Complete News and video

Chitra Doughter Killing in Dubai and IT was with difficulty the condition of Chitra out to lay.  When the body of Nandana at the house placed became, place they her head over the mobile mortuary and wept

On begrafenisdag of Nandana on 15 April, stood the fans of Chitra along the roads of her house to AVM. DE resemble of Nandana were taken in a vehicle that slow through the crowds to the funeral place moved.

Reports have it that, when Chitra in Sharjah was round on HONORED the concert of Rahman to perform then they got news that Nandana in the swimming abutted meanwhile played fell and drowned and became killing pronounced when to the hospital rushed.  The family turned back to Chennai on Friday tomorrow and the funeral took place last evening.

The nine-birthday daughter of popularly Indian terugspelenzanger K. S. Chithra died after in a swimming abut on a Dubai villa this morning fell.

Sources said Nandana, that in an abut on a villa in Emirates Hills drowned, became rushed to a hospital in Jebel Ali, but would cannot berevived.

Colbert's Report Obama Really Needs Charts & Graphs Video

Colbert Said In His Report That Barack Obama needs to use graphs and charts If he wants to keep people's attention.

Barack Obama speech On either a clear statement of values snoozefes. Ryan barnburner, complete with charts, graphs and attitude to spare.

Carlson: If Obama's Speech Had "Graphs And Charts" Like Rep. Ryan, "He Would Have Kept People's Attention"

Jon Stewart once again mocked Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget plan in contrast to what Obama had to offer on Wednesday.

Watch Exclusive Video Here :--

The Colbert Report
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'Kill That Word' Kobe Bryant on Anti-Gay Slur

Kobe Bryant made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday Night .
Kobe is so upset from all the negative pr and 100K loss that he wants to kill that word.
Kobe Bryant used to be my favorite baller to drool over. Now, his naked image makes me want to puke.

The sports star made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday and addressed the anti-gay slur he screamed at referee Bennie Adams during Tuesday night’s game against the Spurs. Kobe said his remarks were “stupid and ignorant.” DUHHHH!

Kobe Bryant made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday and addressed the anti-gay slur he screamed at referee Bennie Adams during Tuesday night's game against the Spurs

The Lakers star, who was fined $100,000 by the NBA for the remark, said his outburst was “stupid and ignorant.” “It’s about getting that message out there man, to kill that word ,” he said.
It was announced on Friday that the Lakers and the NBA have partnered with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to address anti-gay slurs in basketball.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Buffalo Sabres Wins Against Philadelphia Flyers Over 1-0 Video

Buffalo Sabres Wins Against Philadelphia Flyers Over 1-0 In Game 1of the Eastern Conference playoff series Thursday night.

Kaleta snapped the scoreless tie early in the third period when he powered a rebound past rookie Sergei Bobrovsky.Buffalo Sabres vs Philadelphia Flyers Game 1 highlights.

Kaleta scores the only goal in Sabres 1-0 victory over Flyers in game one of the first round.

The Game ended 1-0. The Buffalo Sabres have a great start at Philly. Ryan Miller Comes up with a Shutout and Patrick Kaleta comes up with the only goal of the game.

Flyers fans bitching that the Kaleta goal should not have counted because Gerbe was offside on the zone entry. Here is the slow motion proof that Gerbe was not offside. Game 1 of the 2011 playoff series between Sabres and Flyers

Highlights from Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Philadelphia Flyers and Buffalo Sabres on 4/14/11.

Michael Vick Say I Would not Change Anything In My Life If I Could

Michael Vick say 'I Wouldn't Change Anything In My Life If I Could . We think we understand what he’s saying. But we’re not sure he understands the import of his words.
we approach the fourth anniversary of the discovery of a dogfighting operation on property owned by Mike Vick in rural Virginia, Vick says that, based on where he is today, he would change nothing about his past.
Vick had an incredible season with the Eagles, earning the starting role early in the season and leading the team to an NFC East title.

In February, the Associated Press awarded him with the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year.
all the adjectives that have been used over the years to describe Vick, perhaps the most accurate is the most simple: Selfish. Based on the things he told the Wall Street Journal, that’s one thing about his life that possibly hasn’t changed. And that possibly never will.

JaMarcus Russell Fired By 'Life Coach' John Lucas

John Lucas, the life coach that took on the task of reigniting the fire inside of JaMarcus Russell to finally reach his potential has given up, and has asked the former #1 pick to go home.
]The 25-year-old was arrested in July of 2010 for possession of codeine. He admitted a month later that he tested positive for codeine after the Raiders drafted him.
Lucas did not return several phone messages left for him, and agents Eric Metz and Ethan Locke did not want to discuss Russell’s condition. However, the sources said Russell’s lack of effort had driven even Lucas, who has made a career of helping athletes and others with drug and addiction problems, to the point of frustration

After being the top pick, Russell missed all of training camp as a rookie in a contract dispute before signing a six-year, $62 million contract including $31 million guaranteed money.

“It’s such a waste of talent,” the source said. “It’s hard to believe a guy with that much ability could let it just waste. It’s sad. … It’s like they say, you can’t coach desire.”

Paul McDonald Eliminated From 'American Idol

Movie night was not kind to many of the final eight on “American Idol.” Despite raves from the judges, the general consensus outside the IdolDome was that there wasn’t a whole lot to cheer for and that Randy, Steven and Jennifer hadn’t learned the harsh lessons of ToscanoGate, i.e., they were still treating all the contestants like they were already superstars and giving each one a gold star for effort.

The show also featured a performance from original “Idol” Kelly Clarkson and country singer Jason Aldean, singing their platinum-selling duet, “Don’t You Want to Stay” as well as Rihanna, who sang a dramatic rendition of her ballad “California King Bed.”

"Idol" blogger MJ Santilli also said it might finally be time for America to send a guy home on Thursday (April 14) night. And she was pretty sure that man would be McDonald. "He performed in a dead spot in the beginning of the show and his manic, croaky performance of Bob Seeger's 'Old Time Rock n' Roll' was all over the place," she said of McDonald's take on the "Risky Business" tune on "Idol" movie night.

Trying to keep things cool, they just gave each other a tight hand squeeze before Casey went back to the couch. After Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone joined Haley in the bottom three, the show cut to commercial, and then it was Haley who crossed the stage and made a beeline for Casey.

The remaining four boys — Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone, Paul McDonald and James Durbin — played a medley of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” and a chipper “mrs. Robinson,” (in)secure in the knowledge that two of them would be in the bottom three.

Former Bears Quarterback Charges After Quarrel With Girlfriend

Police say former Chicago Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass faces trespass and criminal damage charges following an incident with an ex-girlfriend at her suburban residence.

The Bears issued a statement on Friday morning: “We are stunned and saddened to hear the tragic news regarding Dave Duerson. He was a great contributor to our team and the Chicago community. Today is a difficult day for all of us who loved Dave. We’ll miss him. Our prayers are with his family.”

Now before we get a handful of "ban Favre's jersey" comments... try and think outside the box. Tell us what jersey the Bears should ban, or... if you think the whole Fashion Police idea is a soft Philadelphia thing, and us Chicago fans could care less about some stinkin' shirt... tell us that too.

Douglass was charged with one count each of criminal trespass to land and criminal damage to property. The 63-year-old Douglass appeared Thursday in Lake County court. A clerk says bond was set at $10,000.

Messages left Thursday for Douglass' attorney and at Douglass' Lake Forest home weren't immediately returned.

Douglass was with the Bears from 1969 to 1975.

ISU's Jordan Railey arrested on fighting charge

Ames police commander Jim Robinson says officers saw Railey throw a punch at another man just after midnight on Welch Ave., a popular restaurant and bar district for students.

Robinson says Railey was arrested after walking away from officers. Railey was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Story County jail.

Railey, a 6-foot-11 native of Beaverton, Ore., averaged two points a game as a freshman last season.

Hoiberg says in a statement that he's still gathering information on the incident but is disappointed in Railey's behavior since it was a second offense.

Railey was also suspended by Hoiberg in January for violating team rules after a single-car accident early on New Year's Day.