Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William Arrives at Royal Wedding Here

Prince William and Kate Middleton have released the official program for their wedding. The future King of England and the comely commoner who captured his royal heart prepared to tie the knot Friday while the British Empire. here else would you want to be in the world?" the 31-year-old medical student cried. "I love the whole historical scene, the happily-ever-after romance." When your extended wedding guest list includes over two billion people from around the world, there can be no dispute over your celebrity status

David Beckham, Elton John and Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson will mingle with dozens of royal guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, according to an official guest list released Saturday that includes one uncomfortable presence – the Bahraini crown prince accused of a brutal crackdown on protesters.

British royal family and royal wedding have been making news ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding dates were declared. Speculations have been rife about every little aspect of the wedding, right from the wedding gown of the bride to the celebrity presence at the royal party. Now finally, few days ahead of grand Friday wedding, official guest list and seating plan has been declared.
Although about 1,900 guests have been invited to the couple's wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, half of them will sit in the section of the abbey where views of the altar are restricted, and they will have to rely upon video screens to follow the service