Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keenan Cahill Teams Up With Gaint ,Brian Wilson, Video

The event is appropriately named “Dynamite: A Fundraiser For Keenan Cahill.It has turned into much more than that, and suddenly he has become an internet sensation, performing in videos with popular artists like David Guetta, DJ Pauly D and 50 Cent.

San Francisco Giants join Keenan Kahill on a song they will never forget.

Watch Me Perform "Dynamite" With The World Champion San Francisco Giants.

The San Francisco Giants are my favorite team in baseball. I root for the White Sox as a rule, but it's hard not to like the Giants.

Keenan's condition is called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome. The disease stunts growth, being the reason why Keenan is 16, but doesn't look much older than 8. Along with the disease(which affects roughly 1,100 people a year) are the cost of prescription drugs which help to extend life, but can cost upwards of $350, 000 a year.

The 2010 World Series champions aren't the first athletes to team up with Cahill. He has also lip-synced a couple members of the New York Knicks.