Monday, April 18, 2011

Raffi Torres Hits Brent Seabrook On His Head During Match Video

Canucks Crushes Shot sent on leveled Vleugelspeler Adversary With Impudent Head Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook with a large blow on Sunday night during the 3-2 victory of the Canucks over the Blackhawks in their Stanley Bekerbeslissingswedstrijdserie of the first round.

Raffi Torres traverses comes a hard body inspection on Brent Seabrook and it and makes it again.

He may be may found in the NHL dog house after this blow on Blackhawks defender Brent Seabrook.

If the madness repeats really the same action but same to foresee a different result, a then French Canadians of Vancouver dispatch Raffi Torres could be insane.

It became only back of a four game suspension and goes it from and prediction this blow on Brent Seabrook, I make that it will be another call of the NHL and perhaps another unpaid vacation of the NHL for Raffi Torres.

In consideration, the fact would become that it did not learn clearly of that mistake, I say that a five game time barrier session suitably would be allowed to be.......