Friday, April 15, 2011

JaMarcus Russell Fired By 'Life Coach' John Lucas

John Lucas, the life coach that took on the task of reigniting the fire inside of JaMarcus Russell to finally reach his potential has given up, and has asked the former #1 pick to go home.
]The 25-year-old was arrested in July of 2010 for possession of codeine. He admitted a month later that he tested positive for codeine after the Raiders drafted him.
Lucas did not return several phone messages left for him, and agents Eric Metz and Ethan Locke did not want to discuss Russell’s condition. However, the sources said Russell’s lack of effort had driven even Lucas, who has made a career of helping athletes and others with drug and addiction problems, to the point of frustration

After being the top pick, Russell missed all of training camp as a rookie in a contract dispute before signing a six-year, $62 million contract including $31 million guaranteed money.

“It’s such a waste of talent,” the source said. “It’s hard to believe a guy with that much ability could let it just waste. It’s sad. … It’s like they say, you can’t coach desire.”