Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson Cried 'Water For Elephants' Sex Scene (Video)

Robert Pattinson wants to clean make a thing: that were not snot Schniefen during its "water for elephants" sex scene. It was only true emotional.

Speaking with in contact, burdened itself Witherspoon that the licking nose Pattinson suffered during to film the scene.

In addition the premiere of the film overtaken with Pattinson and its "elephant" Co star Reese Witherspoon on Sunday, and Witherspoon made its best to deny its earlier comments that it suffered on screen that was forbidden lover, from a disgusting cold during its large love scene.

Rob and Reese chatted with in addition on the red carpet of the water for elephants in NYC on Sunday and "set Reese the record just" with reporter around its love scene with the semi-darkness of chunk.

"You thought that it brought in embarrassment, for which, to cry me, but I think that it is embarrassing, to snoop. I am agrees totally with wines at its beauty".