Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Highlights 1-1 Goals Video 16 April, 2011

Real Madrid sign against FC Barcelona 1-1 on Saturday, 16 April 2011 at the Santiago Bernabeu for Drawer League BBVA.  Real Madrid remain on the second place with eight points behind Pep the side of Guardiola On.  Spaans eyes will smile as it an assortment of fantastic football is when the rivalry that between real Madrid and Barcelona ring on on Sunday simmers.  There is a smorgasbord of going out stileert football to taste and you have the chance gotten your pleasure to double as the these two Spanish Giants on first in Drawer League in the Santiago Bernabeu then yet four days meet that later on be in the Copa divide Rey final over in Valencia.  When you of football will hold you these two love.  Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to punish for their teams, both through. 

Match Result and Highlights
[ Real Madrid 1-1 FC Barcelona ]
53' [0 - 1] L. Messi (pen.)
82' [1 - 1] C. Ronaldo (pen.)

Match Summary
One of the early high points of the Clasico wash wiped Marcelo the straighter of its feet. Lionel Messi had the first large chance, broke the ball in the hands of Casillas off. The second half began hit with abundance of action, Cristiano Ronaldo the post of a free-kick and on their next attack Barcelona, a punishment wanted to convert for an Albiol violation on Villa with Lionel Messi – its first target against a Jose Mourinho side and the Reaal defender sent. Real Madrid sign to go levels with 8 minutes, to convert Cristiano Ronaldo a punishment for an Alves violation on Marcelo – CR 7′ s firstly ever target against Barcelona.