Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blackhawks Beat Vancouver Canucks

Chicago supported into the final games on the final day of the regular season when Minnesota Dallas struck. In order to receive around to the second, the master defending Stanley cup Blackhawks must defend for itself against the front running Vancouver Canucks.

To not to blow the same team, that only won game 1 both times, power effects killing leads in games 2, and to go on lose the series. Not the same team that could not strike the Blackhawks on home ice.

The Canucks did not guarantee that entire speech Friday night, but before a couple of flashback moments.

Daniel Sed indented its second goal on half way through the third period and survived the Canucks three near comebacks and an insane final few minutes to strike the Blackhawks 4-3, and to take a 2-0 leading in the first rundeendspielserie.

The Montreal Canadiens and host Pittsburgh penguin play a decisive game 7 in its eastern conference semifinal series, during the Boston tonight Bruins attempt for the third just game to settle the host Philadelphia flyer. The Bruins leads the series 3-2.