Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zaza Pachulia Suspended After Fighting With Jason Richardson Video

The Magic of Orlando against the game of decisive Games of Hawks of Antlanta 3 Turns of drilling Is Increased Lebron James Kobe Bryant.

Fight between richardson and Zaza during the game of decisive game 3 in the fourth quarter between Magic against the hawks 4/22/2011.

In the final minutes of Game 3, centers Dwight Howard Magic drove to the basket and drew a hard d├ęgoutant of Pachulia. The two were tangled on and Howard launched a quick elbow, that had for result the reception of stars a technical d├ęgoutant after the referees verified the video.

As foreseen, the officers of NBA announced Saturday that Jason Richardson and Zaza of center of safeguard of Hawks of Atlanta Pachulia was suspended for a game each.

Every player was suspended for Game 4 of the collection between Orlando and Atlanta, and I am rather certain that is a commerce that the Hawks done every only time.