Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicago Bulls: 10 Reasons Why They Will Win the East, Reach the NBA Finals

It’s hard these days to get away from the Chicago Bulls. That happens when you have the likely MVP, recently locked-up the number-one seed in the Eastern Conference and have looked like the best team in the NBA for much of the second half of the season.
Sometimes though, you have to throw out the statistics and just trust your instinct, which is why I believe the young Bulls are not ready to beat the likes of Orlando or Boston in a seven-game series, and will not reach the NBA finals this season.
maybe you wouldn't laugh at that statement. But what if they snapped right back, telling you the Bulls would claim the top seed in the top-heavy East despite Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah missing a combined 57 games heading into Friday night's tilt against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Their unselfishness, humility, and team chemistry has delighted basketball purists. But it is their defense, star point guard, and unrelenting hunger that has put terror into the hearts of their opponents.

They are not yet worthy of being called "the team to beat"—there's a certain two-time defending champion out in L.A. that still holds that distinction. But a ticket to the NBA Finals is up for grabs in the Eastern Conference, and the Bulls have all the necessary tools to snatch it away