Monday, May 9, 2011

Fulham vs Liverpool Match Highlights And Summary 9 May 2011

TODAY was I see Tremendous Fight in Groung, at present was do no let us assume that the revenge was. Liverpool got off to a devastating start at Cowardly House and had the game wrapped on in 16 minutes. The glittering recent form of maxiRodriguez went further at the same time the more open after a minute after good play through People Suarez and poor keep up of Schwarzer.
On 7 minutes was made the 2-0 narrow Valleys the cross of Johnson at the achterpost through MaxiRodriguez off. Both Maxidoelen here. Yet a shocking mistake of Schwarzer insured went Dagger Kuyt also further. Fulham plays at top of their game now, but they come against an of it mostly inform team in the federation now Liverpool side within that only behind Manchester United in terms of federation form since the curve of the year which saw them .

ulham vs Liverpool Premier League:
Date: 9 May 2011 - Time: 19:45 BST
Vanue: Cravel Cottage, London

Match Results and Highlights
[ Fulham 2-5 Liverpool ]
01' [0 - 1] M. Rodriguez
07' [0 - 2] M. Rodriguez
16' [0 - 3] D. Kuyt
57' [1 - 3] M. Dembélé