Monday, May 2, 2011

John Cena Announces Bin Laden’s Death To WWE Fans (Video)

John Cena, one of the biggest supporters of military men and women abroad, informed WWE fans of Osama Bin Laden’s death at a Pay-Per-View event in Tampa Bay last night. How fitting that the star of the movie, The Marine, and a man who is easily the most vocal of all wrestlers in regards to the military wins the.

I want to defend. Cena that an open supporter of the V. S. Milatary is been, bustle its gratutity to the men from and women of the Forces and end its post-shows celebration. He ended through said: "I feel curse to be" in spite of an American.

Further will read on Inspector. com: VIDEO: Unemployment Insurance Act Champion John Cena announces Osama the death of Bin Laden to Tampa fans at - National Per-Wrestle | Inspector. It was sincerely a help piece event, as only in America a man can carry jorts stand next to a wrestling ring that in a gigantic steel cage becomes covers inspires approximately 20,000 men tremendous in spite of for their native country to feel. And only in America will such moment its so awe-inspiringly.