Monday, May 9, 2011

Wouter Weylandt Dead In Cycle Crash

The Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt is dead Monday after an accident in slope of quick speed to the system of bank transfer, the first rider to be killed in a race cyclist major in 16 years. 

Maria Paola Vercesi, a speaker for race organizer RCS sport, confirmed death of Weylandt old by the 26 years to the Associated press, but did not furnish further details. 

Weylandt died consequences of a slump during the third phase of the endorsement d' Italia on Monday, reported Italian media. 

"In spite of direct treatment, there was could make nothing that we," told physician Giovanni Tredici Rai television. 

Its bicycle in the origin of the Passo del Bocco leopard trek with driver Weylandt, 26, is fallen down.  Weylandt was the first with driver, who was killed in a slump in one of the three head trips of bicycling, since Italian with driver Fabio Casartelli died during the 1995 Tour de France. 

At the endorsement, Weylandt is the fourth cyclist to die during the race, and that not until 25 years.  Orfeo Ponsin died in 1952, Juan Manuel Santisteban in 1976 and Emilio Ravasio in 1986. 

Phase third Monday, 107-mile of trip by Reggio Emilia to Rapallo, were won of angel Vicioso of Spain.