Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michael Baze Dead: Jockey Found Dead in vehicle

One of 24 years-old jockey that the Kentucky Derby second-place candidate of this year to its only victory reason was found killing in its vehicle Tuesday at Churchill Dons. Michael Bass of Glendora, Calif., was pronounced pen killing round 4:47. m. EDT in its vehicle parked said in the stable territory of the way, Jefferson Province Vicelijkschouwer Jim Wesley. Bass, that had ridden see he 16 was, was the voornaamste passenger at Arlington Park last year. "This winter he drove at Oaklawn, had 34 victories, had a quite good meeting, including a few effort wins," said won Divide Greeted Asher. Bass Best Comrade Effort at March in 2007 on board of the Sarge. Bass won also the riding title from on Chicago Arlington Park in 2010 the and approached already the 1,000 career victories, that criteria born are. in Renton, Was., began Bass its riding career in 2003. Its best year was 2007, when he the voornaamste passenger at Hollywood Park and Divide March, with its mountains was that more than $9.3 million earn. In everybody, he won 918 courses of 6,969 starts for mountain earnings of $32.4 million.